Monty's artworks

I have been recently going through some of my son’s artworks. I’ve picked out just afew.

Mad Fish
Infinity Snake

Process Video of the brand, Food Agility

The lovely people at Food Agility wanted me to produce a video about the process for creating their logo.

“To match Food Agility's rapid growth into Australia's agri-tech landscape, we are proud to launch our brand new logo.

We commissioned art director Karen Lee to create a brand identity that conveyed transformation, agility, nature and collaboration. We think she nailed it. We see the two leaves as representing the synergy between our commercial and research agendas.”

Process sketches for food Agility

Process sketches for food Agility

Latest work - arty

The latest achievements from the arty side of my life are -

A group show currently showing at Gaffa Gallery, called the Blue Gallery, the theme is blue. I did a second large scale paper installation, which takes a week to make design, paint, cut and assemble, and then install in the gallery. This is what it looks like...


ripple blue installation

I also finished off some prints for a new show in Melbourne, at No Vacancy Gallery. A second instalment of Nowhere = Space Group show with 5 other interdisciplinary emerging artists.

Here are afew of them:


leaves blue small.jpg
leaves blue2 small.jpg

Latest Work

I have just finished off 2 big projects, one commercial and one arty!

The Food Agility branding work needed a really special print brochure. Megan Tudope, the Comms director and I worked hard to produce this extra special multi-leaf print document. The shapes of the pages echo the logo design and the colours are incorporated into the overall design. Soooo proud!!

Food Agility Brochure
brochure 1.jpg